Pre-Professional Programs

Many students come to OCU knowing that they will continue on after graduation to attend medical school, dental school, pharmacy school, physical therapy school, or one of the many other health profession programs.

Other students come to OCU and find that biology is their passion and true calling, and decide to continue their study of biology in graduate programs leading to master's or doctoral degrees.

Whichever path you decide is right for you, the faculty of the Department of Biology will assist you in planning a degree program that meets your needs. The Pre-Professional Studies page contains detailed information about several of the most popular programs, and links to information about many others.

Below is a list of requirements, prerequisites and recommendations for Oklahoma’s Professional Health Schools and Programs.

The above requirements are typical of many schools; individual schools may have additional requirements and/or recommendations.

Our gen ed requirements will typically meet requirements for English / Humanities / Languages, etc.

School websites often post minimum admission requirements plus data for students accepted.

Entrance Exams

Choose optimal time to take, based on when relevant classes will be completed, and leaving enough time to re-take exam if necessary (must know how long it takes to receive scores). Sign up early for preferred date at convenient location.